Recipe | Stuffed Squash

Every so often I get an urge for a vegetarian day, does anyone else ever get that? I pretty much live on chicken and beef so this squash meal was a lovely alternative. It's filled with a creme fraiche and leek mix that is simply divine but certainly not an everyday option!


1 small squash
2 leeks
100 mL creme fraiche
100 g cheddar (or cheese of your choice)
Salt and pepper


1. Chop the leeks and fry in olive oil and a little butter if desired until soft. 
2. Once the leeks have slightly cooled, add the creme fraiche, grated cheese, seasoning and mix well. I tend  to go with a teaspoon of paprika as I really love the smoky taste but feel free to add whatever you like, mustard works a treat!
3. Cut the top and bottom off the squash and remove the middle, taking care not to break through to the bottom when removing the seeds.
4. Pack in the leek mixture and place the squash lid back on top.
5. Cook for approximately 1 hour in a 170 C oven.

Easy right? The preparation takes maybe 15 minutes and the end result is something I think looks incredibly impressive. I have a few vegetarian friends and this recipe has gone down a storm. Do let me know if you give it a try x

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Beauty Review | Tarte Blushers

Pictures of tarte blushersCaptivating and Blushing Bride Tarte blushers
Captivating and Blushing Bride Tarte blushers

I've wanted to try Tarte products for as long as I can remember but they're not the easiest makeup brand to get in the UK. Imagine my delight when Eric got one of our friends to bring a few goodies back from a trip to America. Such a star!

She picked me up two of the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushers in the shades Captivating (peach) and Blushing Bride ( rosy pink). I was surprised at how bold the colours look in the pan especially the pink; I'm not one for super bright cheeks. What I loved  is that they are actually lighter than they first appear whilst still being super pigmented. The colour pay off is fantastic and can be built up for a serious statement pop of colour if you so desire.

I think the pink is the perfect autumn shade and gives the most gorgeous glow to my skin, think rosy cheeks on a winters morning. The peach on the other hand gives my skin a warmth like I've spend the day in the sun. Both shades are simply gorgeous!

The texture is unlike any blusher I've ever tried, so silky and smooth. They blend like a dream and last a good eight hours before I see any wear. I can't stress enough how amazing these blushers are and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more! I think I need a holiday....

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You're a pear...

Fashion tips for your body shape

Sorry to burst your bubble, you're a pear not an hourglass...

Don't you love it when people tell you things about your own body. Your legs could do with toning up, wow your boobs look massive, are you sure you want to wear that? I've heard a million of them but being told I don't know my own body shape, well that was new!

It's true I'm quite a hippy girl, I have a big bum and my thighs are not in proportion with the rest of my body but I also have large breasts, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Mix that all together and you guessed it, I'm an hourglass. 

I've been this shape since my early teens and whether I lose weight or gain my overall shape never changes. I can't say I've always loved my body or even that  I like it at the moment - recent events have put me on a fast food binge with a complete exercise phobia - but I do know my shape. 

If I was ever in doubt of my body shape, wedding dress shopping confirmed it 100%. Every shop assistant I met told me my figure was an hourglass and my dress measurements gave me a waist more than 10 inches smaller than my hips and bust! 

So, thank you anonymous commenter but I'm afraid your mistaken, I am an hourglass and very proud of it!

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I've taken a break from my blog recently after losing both of my gran's in a short space of time. Dealing with my feelings has been difficult and I've struggled to fall back into my normal routine. I've attempted blogging several times but couldn't find the words. To be honest it seems like I lost interest in almost everything around me: my appearance, my blog, my health, my social life. I needed more time.

It's been one of the most confusing and overwhelming periods of my life; feeling utterly heartbroken yet in some small way happy that my grandparents are finally at peace, free from pain and with those they love. 

Heartache is a funny thing.

You feel nothing for days and then the smallest gesture or action can bring emotions flooding back. 

On Sunday I was supposed to go fruit picking with Eric but the farm was closed for the season. It's something I used to do as a child with my grandparents and the thought that I couldn't go sent me in a state of hysterical all consuming tears. It wasn't about the fruit picking, it was the realisation that I'll never see my gran's smile again, never cuddle them, never eat their homemade jams and soups or hear stories about the good old days. 

They're gone.

I know some people think I should be 'over it' by now but that's easier said than done. I can't simply turn off my feelings.

What I am realising is that every day gets a little easier, the memories become less painful and the numbness is replaced with feeling. The old me is slowly resurfacing and I'm glad to see her.

Is it still difficult? Unbelievably so. Writing about how I feel helps and hopefully I'll be stronger for it.

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