Handbag Lovin

Can I just take a minute to marvel at the beauty of this bag? Arrghhh it's so gorgeous, I can't really believe it's mine!!! This was my main present from Eric this year and I love it so much that I'm dedicating an entire post in it's honour.
I've always wanted a designer bag but until recently Michael Kors wasn't really on my radar. His brand is often linked to bloggers which is something that doesn't appeal to me as I like to stand apart from the crowd. Take his watches for example, everybody has one. The latest collection of bags  he released changed everything though; honestly I could have picked 20.
What makes this bag so special is the fact Eric choose it for me himself and absolutely nailed it. The design is perfection to me. I love the deep blue shade against the bright white and brown and the gold detailing gives it a modern twist. The inside has loads of pockets and zipped areas to keep all my bits and bobs separate and there's even a clip for my keys. I can't find a single fault with it.
Love, love, love!

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Birthday Shenanagins

So last Sunday it finally happened, I turned the big 3-0!

It's something I was absolutely dreading but I ended up having the most amazing weekend. My baby sis Michelle turned 21 the day before so she came down to Glasgow with my sis Siobhan and mum and dad to celebrate. Eric had to work and my sis Sarah (yup there's four of us!) couldn't come down but apart from that it was the perfect weekend. We went out for dinner and drinks on Saturday and then partied the night away in town with many a cocktail.

Sunday morning I was unbelievably spoilt with pressies, honestly I'm so lucky. Eric went a bit mental with surprises but as he said you're only 30 once!  I'll do a full post on my gifts later this week but lets just say I finally got my designer handbag...

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the Blythswood Square Hotel with massages and facials, some good old retail therapy and a rather cracking lunch at Yo Sushi. Bliss.

So bye bye 20's you've been great but I'm looking forward to what 30 has in store!

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Swimwear for Hourglass Figures | Classic cut swimsuit

Last year I did a mini series with Bravissimo showcasing swimwear styles to compliment hourglass figures. I've always been a bit of a bikini girl so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that other options can work with my shape. Swimsuits were the biggest revelation, I'd never have picked one before but now I love them!

This year I've been given the opportunity to work with Bravissimo again on their summer 2014 holiday shop. I was sent a gorgeous Martinique red swimsuit with gold clasp detailing to review. Swimsuits aren't often available in my back size so I had to order a 30FF instead of my usual 28G but I don't usually find this an issue.

The costume comes with a built in underwire bra and a clasp back fastening to help keep you secure. As with all underwire swimsuits I didn't find it the easiest to get into, think of a serious tug of war! The wires dug into my thighs and stomach but once I got passed those areas it was fine.
Once on, I fell a little in love with this costume. The colour was very flattering against my skin tone, the material  was super soft and I thought the overall fit was great. My bust felt fully supported, even in the larger size, and it didn't feel too tight around my bum and legs or pinch my skin. I found the material actually helped smooth out a few lumps and bumps to accentuate my figure. Taller ladies may struggle with the fit as it doesn't have a lot of stretch but other than that I can't fault this swimsuit on fit or style.
At £55 it's definitely not cheap, but if you have an uncommon size like myself you'll be used to paying more for underwear and swimwear. The quality is excellent though so this would make a great investment piece as it's a classic cut and colour.
I'm definitely feeling my inner Bond Girl in this swimsuit!
*PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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Thirty is an attitude...

I really don't want to turn 30, but I am going to embrace it with a smile!

So it's official I'm turning 30 this Sunday....

I'm not sure why this is freaking me out so much, I guess the fact my baby sister turns 21 the day before me doesn't help. She's just starting her twenties and I'm leaving mine behind.
It might also be the fact that I loved my twenties, they were in a word AMAZING. Eric and I became inseparable and got engaged after an 11 year romance - I still can't believe it's less than a year until the wedding! I spent 5 wonderful years at University with a fantastic gabble of freaks, geeks and just plain gorgeous people, many of whom I'm still close to today and I made a pretty cracking career for myself. Not to mention starting this blog and meeting all you lovely people!
When I look back to my early 20's  it's clear I was a lot more adventurous than I am now. I constantly changed hair styles and my fashion sense was all about short skirts, killer heels and fashion forward risks. Roll on 10 years and my hair goes from brown to light brown and I'm a lover of flat shoes, knee length skirts/dresses and black! Argghhh what happened!!!!
I should say since getting back into a healthy routine of good food and exercise I feel more confident and surprisingly more like the 'younger' me. I'm buying clothes with bold colours and prints again and the old legs are even making more of an appearance! At 30 I may not have my 20 year old body, there's certainly much more of it - but I'm slowly learning that's ok. I'm becoming increasingly happy with the person I am and that means being proud of my fuller figure.
30 here I come!

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