My Bodycoach Fitness Journey Week 3

I'm over 3 weeks through my Bodycoach plan now, and I can finally say that I'm beginning to see some changes in my appearance.

When you look through Joe's instagram you'll see hundreds of before and after photos of his clients and some of the changes are truly awe inspiring. At the same time it's scary when you don't feel like you see those changes in yourself. I started to question if I was doing things right recently: was I working out the right way?, was I eating too much food? The amount you have to eat on this plan is a real shock to the system and I was getting really worried that I was over eating and actually gaining weight.

So I cheated this morning and stepped on the 'sad step'....

And what a surprise, I've lost 6 lbs! To some that will seem like a large number and to others a small one but the value isn't what matters. It confirmed that I am doing the plan correctly and more importantly it gave me the confidence I needed to keep with it. A proper look at myself in the mirror - which I haven't done in a while - gave me another little boost. I can see small changes in my stomach, thighs and bum - hurray!

One of the biggest changes I've noticed on this plan is my attitude to exercising. I ACTUALLY enjoy it and so far I haven't missed a single workout. For me this is a huge deal as I always find an excuse, I'm too tired after work, GBBO's on, I feel too ill blah, blah, blah. When I did work out I never did as well as I wanted and thought I was just terribly unfit.

Looking back I clearly wasn't eating enough of the right things at the right times which meant I didn't have the energy to workout properly. Such a revelation. Knowing you can do things makes such a huge difference to motivation levels.

Last night I even managed 4 PROPER PUSH UPS, knees up and everything!!!! Best feeling in the world.

My first official weigh in, measurements and updated pictures happens this weekend and I'm actually excited to see how I get on. Here's hoping things keep moving in the right direction.

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Alive and Kicking with 90DaySSSPlan

So I'm back, alive and kicking! 

The last 5-6 weeks have been a blur of activity and I finally feel like I have a moment to breathe. In that time I turned the ripe old age of 31, had my 3 year old niece Lillie come visit for the first time and turn my house into her personal playroom, meet my new teeny, tiny niece Sophie who surprised us all 6 weeks early and spent more hours working than really should be allowed especially since the sun finally made an appearance this week. Phew.

Being so busy meant alongside a distinct lack of blogging, my working out and healthy eating plan just didn't happen. I wasn't getting home until late and sometimes having to still work from home until 9pm to chat with America. Working out became impossible and I'd often forget to eat regularly, lunch would be at 3pm instead of midday and snacking was an easier option. It was so demoralising  I can't tell you all. Just rubbish!

I felt like I needed an extra push to get back on track so I made the decision to sign up to The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan. It's devised by Joe Wicks who is an online nutrition coach and a Instagram fiend. It's a three month plan that is really just a common sense approach to food and exercise. The exercise focuses on High Intensity Interval Training which Eric and I were already doing and good old healthy food. Again the food isn't too far away from what I was having but the portions are completely different - honestly I sometimes struggle to finish them! 

I've completed two weeks now and wow what an education it's been. I never realised how little I understand about what your body needs. I had to submit photos in my underwear/swimwear at the start which was truly awful to look at but I'm hoping by the end of the programme I'll see massive changes. Eric says he's already noticed a difference but I'm avoiding stepping on the sad step (such a great name for scales!) until I complete the first 4 week cycle.

I'm determined to see this plan through and even spend Sundays in the kitchen prepping meals for the week ahead. I'll keep you all updated with weekly posts on how I'm getting on and let you know if it's worth parting with your hard earned cash. So far I'd say a resounding YES.

Wish me luck!

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Fashion | Rocking oversized coats

Top: Oasis | Jeans: Gap (oh so old) | Jacket: Yumi | Bag: Calvin Klein

Summer has well and truly arrived in the UK but it seems to have missed Hamilton completely! I've had one warm day so far - working day - and the weekends have been filled with rain and overcast skies. It's meant I've had to pull out the old faithful jeans and boots combo, which is annoying to say the least...

On the plus side I've had an opportunity to wear my rather fabulous new oversized pink coat. Oversized coats are never something I've worn before but oh how in love I am. I just can't stop wearing it and it's so darn comfortable. Loving me some bagginess! I've also been rocking my rather fabulous bag lately in an attempt to rock some summer colours. Please sunshine come back soon!

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Beauty | Sephora Mixed Metals Baked Eye and Face Palette Review

Sephora Mixed Metals baked eye and face palette review
Sephora Mixed Metals baked eye and face palette reviewSephora Mixed Metals baked eye and face palette reviewSephora Mixed Metals baked eye and face palette review

I'm a bit of a sucker for a good palette and wowsers have I got a beauty to share with you all today! It's not often I see something that I instantly have to have but this Sephora Mixed Metals baked eye and face palette hit the nail on the head. I mean isn't it just stunning? Add the chemistry twist and it's every girly scientists dream!

The eyeshadows are a mix of shimmery, soft golds, silvers and coppers and matte brown and grey shades. I've used it everyday for the last month and I'm still in love. The colour payoff is great, the powders blend like a dream and they really compliment each other. There's just so many combinations that work. It's also easy to go from a day to night look by blending the smokey, dark shades with the coppers and golds. 

What I love most though is that these shadows can also be used wet, instantly transforming them into liners! Talk about versatile. The blush is also worth a mention here, the colour is a lot lighter than it looks in the pan and creates a lovely natural glow. Think of a blushing bride, perfect for summer.

I'm not so keen on the highlighter but hey with a palette this good, who's complaining!

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Does your workplace contribute to unhealthy choices?

In my quest to be happier and healthier I've become a lot more aware of what I eat throughout the day. It turns out working in an office can be quite counter productive to eating healthy! I had no idea how much crap gets consumed in my work, there's chocolate kicking around most days not to mention the crisps and cakes.  Oh the cakes...

I didn't think I ate a lot of rubbish but now that I'm paying more attention, it's frightening how many extra calories I used to have without even realising. One of the main issues was that I didn't bring enough food to get me through the day. I only brought lunch which meant mid morning and afternoon I was hungry. For the last two weeks I've been bringing three small meals instead; a protein shake for 10 am, a salad with salmon or chicken for lunch and some vegetables with humous or fruit for around 3 pm. It's been making the world of difference. Honestly I can't tell you all! I have tons more energy throughout the day, I'm more productive and I can do more when I workout too.

I also drink more water now and keep a 1.5 L jug on my desk. I can't be the only one who gets stuck into a project and 4 hours later you realise you've not moved from your seat. Not drinking made me think I was hungry when I wasn't too. It's funny how obvious that is to me now!

I'm lucky that a few of my team are on a bit of a health kick. The volume of unhealthy snacks has reduced a lot and instead there's dried fruit and mixed nuts in the office. My boss has also asked if we want to sign up for a 3 km run in a few weeks. Running and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship but I do like the idea of the team doing something together. Working out is so much easier when you have people around you to help keep you motivated. Exercising together is also a nice alternative from the usual 'let's grab a drink after work on a Friday.'

A few of us have also taken to going out for a short 15 min walk in the afternoon. Well, when the weather is playing nice - it is Scotland after all! Working in a building with so few windows (two to be exact) can make the day quite a challenge. I find taking a few minutes in the sun makes all the difference to my day and it's a little bit of added exercise too!

Do you think it's hard to stay healthy in work? What tips do you have for making your workplace healthier

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A very Yumi wardrobe indeed

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about wanting to change my wardrobe and say goodbye to the old, poor fitting clothing. Well I only went and blooming won the competition with my post!!! 

Wahhhh, I can't even express how amazing that feels to say! It was just the most lovely surprise for a dull Wednesday morning and such a fabulous way to kick start my new wardrobe. I've told you all how unhappy I've felt about myself lately. If I'm honest I pretty much hate 90% of my clothes but throwing everything out in one go would literally have left me with nothing. To find out I had £1000 to spend with Yumi was just the best news.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the goodies I picked. 

Competition win with Yumi
Competition win with YumiCompetition win with YumiCompetition win with Yumi
Competition win with Yumi
Competition win with Yumi
Competition win with Yumi

I've gone for a mix of casual, formal and work wear with a heavy focus on dresses as I really want to make an effort to wear them day to day. There's a few other goodies in there too including some rather stunning jackets. Honestly I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. A massive thank you to Yumi for picking me, I still haven't stopped smiling! 

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I'm too busy working on my own grass...

So as you can guess from my obvious lack of posts this week, life most definitely got in the way. Trying to balance my work alongside my blog and new healthier lifestyle has been a complete challenge and is going to take some serious restructuring on my part. It amazes me that people find time to do it all.

Who would have thought exercising and making healthy food choices was so time consuming? 

Food has been by far my biggest challenge this week. I love a salad but to be honest I'm a carb girl. Give me mac and cheese with some garlic bread and we'll be friends for life! My new food plan eliminates 'bad' carbs which pretty much cuts out bread, rice, pasta, cakes etc. Instead I'm trying to eat high protein meals with lots of vegetables. The problem is I'm struggling with ways to add flavour and make sure my meals will be varied enough to keep me interested over the next few months. Any tips or recipes please throw them my way guys.

The other issue is quantity. Eric wants me to have 5 small meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. It sounds easy but if like me you don't eat first thing in the morning it's really difficult. My body is not used to eating at 6am. At the moment it's mind over matter but I'm hoping I'll get used to it.

Exercise wise I've actually enjoyed my first week, shock horror. There's something really satisfying about busting your butt and giving it everything you have. And believe me I mean everything - never have I sweated so much! Cardio and I are never going to be best buds but I realise its necessary and I can honestly say I feel better for doing it, even after 1 week. 

I've also decided to give yoga a real go. My job is unbelievable stressful and in the past I often reached for food at night as a comfort. Obviously I don't want that to continue so I need another way to de-stress and yoga seems a good alternative. I've done a few workouts before but I forgot how much it clears my mind and relaxes me. I can see it being a favourite of mine and hopefully I'll get fit and flexible in the process.

So all in all not too bad a start x

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I've had enough of being unhappy

So here's the deal, I am almost back to my heaviest ever weight. 

Yup in just 8 short weeks I've managed to gain 10 pounds. I went a little mad with the whole all you can eat and drink thing in Mexico and kept on that tasty, sugar ridden wagon once I got home. 

Now I know 10 pounds doesn't seem like a lot to some people but it's really started to affect the way I see myself. It makes me feel really unhealthy and unhappy. I don't feel like me anymore and it really kills my confidence when a dress I bought 3 months ago no longer fits well.

I'm also mad. Mad that I worked so hard in the run up to the wedding and then immediately fell back into bad habits. What was the point of all that effort? Why did I even bother? The most annoying thing is that I felt amazing before. I was strong, sexy and loved the changes that I'd made to my own body. My hard work for the world to see.

The kicker was this weeks warmer weather. I wore a dress to work without tights for the first time this year. Getting home involves a 20 minute walk and by the time I made it to the house my thighs were red raw! They've gotten big enough that they rubbed when I was walking and I had removed the top layer of skin. Never in my life has this been a problem and I was just so embarrassed and upset about it.

For the first time in weeks I took a proper look in the mirror. What did I see? A stranger. The weight has accumulated around my hips, thighs and bum but its even changed the look of my stomach which I usually love. I could call it extra curves and embrace it but honestly I feel fat.

Yes I said it FAT.

Fat has suddenly become this taboo word. It's been in the media a lot lately and there are some amazingly positive body image messages going around challenging people's perceptions. I'm all for that believe me but I'm also not afraid to use the word fat. 

I believe everybody, no matter what size they are, has a perfect weight. It's the weight when you feel happiest and your body shape is exactly what you want it to be. That goes for slim and plus size girls. Your number is the one that you can live life to the fullest at.

I'm not at my number. 

I want to change how I think about my body. I want to feel strong, sexy and happy. I want my outside to look how I feel on the inside. I want to love myself again.

So here's my plan: I've given Eric full control for the next 12 weeks. He's a complete gym junkie and unlike me kept to his healthy ways. He's made me a 12 week exercise programme and there's a mix of workouts to keep me interested and motivated. I'm also starting a new food plan filled with lean protein and vegetables from Monday.

For the next three months I'm going to chase the body and life I want; strong and confident. Honestly it terrifies me, what if I fail again? Can I actually commit to becoming who I want to be? It's scary but if I value myself I know that my unhealthy habits have to change.

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Beauty | Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Review

Like most bloggers and beauty lovers I was super excited when Real Techniques launched their latest line 'Bold Metals'. With gold, silver and rose gold metal finishes they are easily some of the prettiest brushes on the market. Unfortunately they are not cheap with some of them setting you back £25 a brush.

I'm a huge fan of their original collection - rarely a day goes by where I won't reach for my Expert Face and buffing brushes - but these were just far too much money for me to invest in. I noticed they were about half the UK price in America so I decided to buy a couple of them in Miami and fulfil my fantasy of brush collection perfection. I picked the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush and the 100 Arched Powder.

Initial thoughts? They are as beautiful as they look, simply stunning. Unfortunately that's about as far as I go with compliments on the triangle foundation brush. The bristles are horrible; they feel almost plastic and I found it ridiculously scratchy when applying foundation. I also really struggled at blending in products - and I tried three or four foundations just to make sure! Definitely not one I would recommend, the Expert Face brush is far superior and a lot cheaper.

Thankfully the arched powder brush is much more like what you would expect. The bristles are better on this brush, they feel softer which may be down to the shape and are more densely packed. Although I have to say in my opinion they still don't feel as nice as the original collection. The domed shape lends itself perfectly to applying bronzer and blusher and the size is great. I've also used it to apply a setting powder if I'm looking for precision rather than an all over coverage. All in all a good multi-purpose brush.

So a mixed bag really. Beautiful yes but not the best I've tried. The arched brush is a lovely addition to my collection but for me it's not worth the extra pennies when you could buy the original lines instead.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these  brushes or any others from the collection?

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