Getting my bake on with #Currysinthekitchen

I am a massive fan of baking, it's something I used to do every Sunday with my mum and sisters. I still remember the fun of mixing ingredients together, being amazed at what came out of the oven and of course fighting over who got to lick the cake mix off the spoon!
So when I was invited to attend a day of baking courtesy of Currys and Joe Blogs Network with a gaggle of fellow Scottish bloggers, I jumped at the chance. We spent the day with The Cookery School in Glasgow and chef Andy McArdle who demonstrated how to make scones, sponge cake, fairy cakes and chocolate chip muffins before sending us off to experiment. And experiment we did!

I was paired up in a team with Lauren, Laura and Gillian and together we got down and dirty in the kitchen - partly due to me throwing flour Jamie Oliver style and missing the entire table... oops! Disaster averted we got stuck into making our scones, cakes and muffins with one handed egg cracking, muscle building whisking and kneading like pros. I don't think I've ever laughed so much baking - one girly even had a phobia of touching butter.
My favourite part of the day apart from the obvious delight of eating cake constantly was decorating fairy cakes. I've always gone for a simple buttercream topping so I was delighted to try designs with melted chocolate and ganache. I even learnt how to fill my cakes using a tooth pick - a new essential for the kitchen. The final results looked rather impressive if I do say so myself, Mary Berry would have been proud.

We got to take home our bakes, well what we didn't munch on the day, and were given a bag of goodies including a great little recipe book and a Kenwood Kmix. I was feeling so inspired that I decided to have a go at making scones this weekend.

I opted for some savoury cheese scones (recipe to follow) and they came out a treat! I swear I'm turning into a culinary goddess...  One problem I did find was that I don't have all the kitchen tools you need to bake. My top tip is to be resourceful! I rolled out the dough with a bottle rather than a rolling pin, used an empty tin to cut my scones out instead of a cutter and  brushed the tops with egg wash using a balled up piece of kitchen paper. They still turned out great. I'm a firm believer that baking should be fun, don't get too hung up on the details!

Once again a massive thanks to Currys  and Joe Blogs Network for arranging such a great day. Who knows this time next year maybe I'll be on GBBO....

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Wedding Plans | 6 months to go!

Wedding Sign Southern Wedding - So I can Kiss you anytime I want- Quote from Sweet Home Alabama movie via Etsy

Today it's officially 6 months until Eric and I get married. The countdown is well and truly on, talk about exciting!!! I still can't believe how quickly the time has flown in. On the other hand I also can't believe how much we still have to do before the big day...

As you all know we're decided on a wedding in Mexico and whilst the big things like the wedding venue, photographer, evening reception etc. were  organised ages ago; we haven't started arranging any of the details. We still need to choose flowers, the cake, my bridesmaid dresses, favours, our rings, my hair and makeup; not to mention all the little things to make our day special to us. 

We do have lots of ideas for our wedding, we just haven't finalised anything yet. It's actually starting to freak me out a little, I mean I don't even have a colour scheme for goodness sake! My plan is to obsess over Pinterest this week for inspiration  and then get in touch with our Mexican wedding planner to start arranging everything. I just hope we can get everything done in time.

I'd love some help guys so any tips for wedding planning would be greatly appreciated.

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New Hair | Brunettes Have More Fun

My hair has always been a way to express myself. It's been long, short, brown, red, blonde and back again. When Eric and I decided to have a beach wedding I had visions of beautiful long hair falling in graceful curls down my back. The problem is I hate long hair. It takes me an age to blow dry and styling takes even longer not to mention it catches in everything! And don't even start me on how much I lose - I find hairs all over the house.

In an attempt to switch things up and stop me going wild with the scissors in a moment of rebellion I decided on a colour change. I loved my dip dye blonde hair but it's looked the same for over a year now so after a quick trip to Boots here I am as a brunette.

All I can say is love, love, love! It's the perfect shade of deep brown with a lovely touch of red which catches in the sun. It's also opened my eyes to a whole new colour palette for winter clothes and make up which is never a bad thing in my mind. I may add a little blonde back in before the wedding but for now I'm definitely team brunette.

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Monthly Favourites | September

Happy weekend guys! Can you believe we're in October already? For me this means one thing - Christmas shopping. I could spend everyday scouring the shops for unique presents for my friends and family, it's my absolute favourite time of the year! Not to mention all the new seasons clothes, boots and make up filled with rich berry tones. It's a shopaholics dream, oh if only I wasn't penniless from wedding savings....

Anyway enough about that, here's a long overdue favourites post.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Instead of buying new foundations I've been trying to use up my current collection. I found this one at the bottom of my makeup bag and haven't looked back, it's fantastic! It gives full, buildable coverage and I don't see any caking or slipping throughout the day which can be a problem for me as I can have dry and oily areas. I use Classic Ivory (101) which a pretty good colour match for me considering it's a high street foundation and I only need 1 pump to cover my entire face so it last ages. I even love the glass bottle and for £6.99 I have to say it's a bit of a bargain really.

Clinique Chubby Stick
My new handbag essential! Why I never jumped on the Clinique makeup bandwagon before I'll never know. I can't express how much I love this product; with it's smooth, moisture rich texture and great colour pay off it's perfection. Add the easy application and this girl on the go is one happy lady. This one's a bold pink limited edition called Plumped Up Pink.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
An oldie but a goody. This has been my go to concealer for as long as I can remember but it's been a life saver this last month. It covers my dark circles with ease and has a natural finish. What more can I say, you need this in you life.

Bare Minerals Curl and Lengthen Mascara
Mascara's are another thing I've been trying not to buy lately. I'm a Benefit girl but the price tag of my They're Real is a little out of reach just now. Step in Bare Minerals. This mascara has been sitting unopened in my collection for months, what a travesty because it's bloody brilliant! I have never had so many people comment on the length of my lashes before. There's no flaking and the contoured shaped brush allows me to reach ever lash with ease. It is quite a wet formulation though so take care when applying as it can look clumpy of you apply to much in one go.

Smashbox Fade Out Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette
At this time of year, my eye makeup moves from neutrals and pale pinks to browns and rich berry shades. This palette is the perfect transition from summer to winter with wearable nudes, warm browns and purples and a mix of mattes and shimmers. The powders are finely milled and blend easily to create the perfect smokey eye. The brush is also a great addition to any collection, which as you know doesn't often happen with palettes. All in all a pretty fantastic product!

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