Busty Girl Problems | What to wear to bed


Ever since coming back from Mexico I've found it really cold in Scotland; the constant rain certainly hasn't helped matters! It's been so bad that I've gone back to wearing things in bed. Yup that's right, I usually sleep naked, just call me Marilyn. 
Now don't get me wrong I do have  nightwear but I usually wear it round the house rather than in bed. Shorts and a long sleeved t shirts seemed like the obvious choice. Wow what a mistake that was!!! I was a hot (not the sexy kind), very sweaty mess and had the worst nights sleep. 

Option two was switching to a vest top. Oh dear! Every single morning I would wake up with at least one boob hanging out. It's like they had a mind of their own, I've no idea how they ended up in some of the positions. They fell out the sides, out the top, and every combination in between. One day the top ended up half off and right round my neck, talk about uncomfortable! 

After talking to a few friends who agreed vest tops alone are a definite no no, it seems the favoured way to go is to wear a bra!!!! Some of them actually have 'night bras' specifically for this purpose - talk about a revelation. I had no idea night bras were even a thing?

I hate bras at the best of times so to hear I should be wearing one to bed to keep things in place filled me with complete dread. The answer....

Hello extra blanket on the bed, bye bye nightwear!

Honestly I had no idea finding things to wear in bed was such a challenge. I'd love to hear if you've had the same problems. Does this happen to all girls regardless of your shape? What do you do to stay comfy through the night?

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Our Wedding | The ceremony

After two VERY LONG weeks, my laptop has come back to life! She's definitely going to need replacing but lucky for me she still has a little more to give which means I can finally put my last wedding pictures up.


With a beach wedding footwear was always going to be a challenge. Being a bit of shortie, heels are a must for me but getting across the sand gracefully was a no go. We ended up putting some chairs at the end of the pier for people to put their shoes on and got some of my absolute favourite photos from the day in the process.


 We had a lovely ceremony with a local Judge who told a few jokes and kept everything very light and carefree - exactly what we wanted. Exchanging the rings was funny as the heat meant we couldn't get them on at first! Crisis averted we signed three copies of our wedding certificate along with our 4 witnesses and added our fingerprints to each. Finally the Judge told a traditional Mexican poem about how love should be the foundation of marriage and we had our first kiss as Mr and Mrs!


After the ceremony we took loads photos with our family and friends and had a shoot with just the two of us. The pictures turned out awesome, so colourful and fun looking. I really loved the ones with the novelty glasses we gave everyone as part of their wedding packs. The rest of the day was spend eating beautiful food and partying the night away with our family and friends.
So there you have it Eric and my wedding! I hope you liked the small details I've shared on my blog and thank you so much for all your kind comments, tweets and emails they really do mean the world to me x

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Our Wedding | The venue and flowers

Source 1,2, 4 and 5
Today I thought it would be nice to share our wedding venue in the Riveria Cancun with you all. Eleven of our friends and family travelled to Mexico and we all stayed at the Secrets Silversands which is an adult only, all inclusive resort. This was my first experience of an all inclusive holiday but it won't be the last! Think cocktails served at the pool or beach all day long with more food choices than you can possibly imagine - total bliss. Everything was perfect, I can honestly say it was the best holiday I've ever been on. Safe to say Eric and I will be heading back!

We chose to get married on the beach pier overlooking the sea and it was perfect, exactly us. As a bonus, the sea breeze kept the temperature down a little so nobody got too toasty in their wedding attire. It did mean my veil went a little wild though, so much so I ended up having to remove it halfway through the ceremony! I wish I'd put it back on for our photos but oh well...

For our flowers we really wanted bright, bold colours fitting for a Mexican wedding; think oranges, yellows and deep pinks. The actual flowers themselves ended up being a bit of a surprise but we couldn't have been happier with them. We had two matching table decorations, my bouquet and single roses for the guys, Samantha and our mum's to wear. My bouquet had a mix of roses, lillies and local flowers and the smell was heavenly. I can't even describe how beautiful they were, the pictures really don't do them justice! I just wish I could have taken them home with me.

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Fashion | JewelStreet Statement Necklace

A picture of a Mint acrylic and glass necklace from JewelStreetA picture of a Mint acrylic and glass necklace from JewelStreetA picture of a Mint acrylic and glass necklace from JewelStreetA picture of a Mint acrylic and glass necklace from JewelStreetA picture of a Mint acrylic and glass necklace from JewelStreet

Pastels are go to colours for me at this time of year, there's just something about them that feels Spring like and fresh. Mint is my favourite colour and I really wanted to find a statement necklace that showed it off. And  what a necklace I found, say hello to this beautiful mint acrylic and glass necklace* from JewelStreet. Talk about wow and oh so pretty! It's a definite show stopper which works with everything from dresses to shirts and light summer knits. I can see it being worn a lot over the next few months, well only if the sun makes more of an appearance...

So what is JewelStreet? It's an online marketplace for us jewellery lovers to buy  unique  pieces from independent jewellery designers and brands. Think along the lines of ASOS or NotontheHighStreet but for just jewellery. It's the sort of site where you can literally lose days searching through all the pieces! 

One of the things I really like is the way you can search by metal type, gemstones, styles, colours - the list goes on and on. There's also a window for a personal shopper who will search through the site for you, definitely a life saver for a busy working woman. One of my favourite things though has to be the fact that the designers get 73% of the final retail price rather than 30-40% by using a middle man. Now that's something I can definitely get behind!
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*Product sent for consideration of review.

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Our wedding | The dress, hair and accessories

 So I'm finally a Mrs wahhh, I can't tell you all how amazing that is to say! Eric and  I tied the knot after 13 years together on the 14th April and I'm so excited to share these photos of our special day with you guys. I thought I'd break the day down and share the pictures over a few posts instead of one massive one with a million pictures.

First I thought I would share our outfits with you all. And isn't my dress a beauty? She's a dropped waist A line covered entirely in a fine embroidered lace and small crystals which catch the light. The belt around the middle has a heavy set beaded motif with a vintage feel which sat across my waist. The dress is ivory and the under layers are a mix of ivory and champagne. The bottom has a long train which was a slight challenge on the beach but could be raised with a bustle to dance the night away.

Jewellery wise I was exceptionally spoilt! Eric bought me a Swarovski necklace and bracelet which worked perfectly with my dress and his family surprised me on the day with the most beautiful diamond stud earrings. Honestly I was nearly in tears, such a special way to say welcome to the family.

Eric wore a stunning deep blue Hugo Boss three piece suit with a double breast waist coat and brown shoes. The fabric was a thing of beauty, a block navy colour with a slight raised pattern. What a handsome fellow he was! He finished the look with a bright red tie to match his sister Samantha's dress, who was his 'Best Woman.' This might actually be the first time you've seen him on my blog! What can I say he's a little shy.

I actually ended up changing my shoes at the last minute from my Kurt Keiger sparkles to this lace pair and I'm so glad I did! They look a lot more bridal than my original choice and someone else had on a very similar pair! Not sure if I can ever wear these again but they were some of the comfiest shoes I've ever worn.

One of the favourite parts of my look was my hair. I love up do's for weddings, I just think they look so sophisticated and work perfectly with a veil. I've dreamed of having my hair all curled and pinned at the back with a loose braid on each side for as long as I can remember. The reality was better than I could have possibly imaged!

And well, that's all for this first post, I hope you like the pictures so far. It was the most spectacular day and I can honestly say I loved every single second of it - once I got passed  the nerves of walking to the venue! If only I could go back x

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Wedding bells

Today is the day Eric and I have been planning for two years; our wedding day has arrived! Hopefully it's a beautiful sunny day in Mexico but even if it pours with rain I know it'll be perfect. 

There's 11 mad friends and family making the trip with us to help celebrate our day. They'll have been with us all week and I've no doubt it's been the craziest week ever, filled with laughter and drinks galore! I can just imagine the pictures I'll be bringing back home!!!

I know everyone says it but I really am marrying my best friend. We've been together since I was 17, it's been 13 years I've cherished. Ups and downs but always fun and looking back I've had a blast. We compliment each other perfectly and I can't imagine life's adventures without him. Yup I'm that cheesy! Haha x 

Just think the next time you all hear from I'll be a Mrs wahhhhh!!!!!! 


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Swimwear for Hourglass Figures 2015 | Joules Tankini

I've done a number of swimwear posts in the past, you can find them here and here. Surprisingly I really enjoy doing them and thought I might do another mini series this year; after all I have bought A LOT of swimwear for my honeymoon. 

Today I'm sharing this fabulous Joules tankini* I was sent a few weeks ago. It doesn't come in set bust sizes so instead you need to get something similar to your dress size. My top's in a 10 and  the bottoms are a 12. The bottoms fit really well and covered my entire bum which is a bit of a must for me. The top was a pretty decent fit too although I could have done with a little more space in the cup, I was a little more squeezed in than I usually like. Luckily it doesn't have any wires or I think I'd have been a lot more uncomfortable!

I can forgive the slightly squished boobs for the design and look. Aren't the colours just amazing? This is quite possibly one of the most colourful, fun patterns I've ever seen in swimwear. I feel so confident in it which  lets face it is half the battle with wearing swimwear!

Lets hope Eric likes it as much as me...

* PR sample sent for consideration of review

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Beauty Review | Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

With the impending nuptials on the horizon you can imagine skincare has been a top priority for me in recent months. I've been using Clinique's 3 step programme for well over a year now and they were in my 2014 favourites so you all know how much I love them. At Christmas I stepped things up with their Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush.

You start with 30 seconds a day and gradually build up to 1 minute of use twice a day. I would definitely recommend following this advice. At first I didn't feel an effect and bumped up my time too quickly which left me with super sensitive skin for the rest of the day. So so painful!

For the price tag I was expecting miracles and I'll say now, you'll be disappointed if your hopes are too high. I dreamt of spot free skin with non visible pores and after 3 months of use it just hasn't happened. 

That's not to say this isn't a great product. I do have visibly tighter, smoother skin and my breakouts have reduced massively. The pores around my nose - which have always been mahussive - have also reduced in size to the point that foundation no longer pools in them. All huge plus points in my book. 

So would I recommend it? I'd have to say yes, particularly if you don't have regular facials or exfoliate. Basically if you're lazy with skincare like me and find cleansing, toning and moisturising a struggle this fills all of your skincare gaps without too much effort.

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Fashion | Travelling to become a mrs!

Blazer Oasis | Top Topshop | Trousers Dorothy Perkins | Necklace Joules* | Bracelet Links of London

It's finally here, the day Eric and I fly out to Mexico to get married! Argghhh I'm so excited I can't tell you all. It's literally going to be the best 3 weeks of my life and I get to share it with my best friend and our families.

I thought I would share my travel outfit for the 7 hour flight. I don't know about you all but comfort is an absolute must for me when I'm travelling. These trousers fit all of my criteria, loose, comfortable, light weight and an elastic waistband. That last one is essential, I've gone for the tight fitting trouser in the past and after a few hours it's awful. I've even had to open my trousers on flights in the past..... 

Another plus they're beautiful! I love the pattern of these and paired with my blue blazer it's a winning combination. Top wise this is just a simply vest top, again comfort is key here. I've finished the look with a statement blue necklace which adds that extra wow factor for me. All I need now is some big glasses and a glass of bubbly!

Wish me luck! x

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