Autumn Wishlist

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Autumn with it's gorgeous red, yellow and brown leaves and crisp, clear mornings is one of my absolute favourite times of the year. Not to mention it's the lead up to Christmas with all of it's wonder! It's also the time when I  look to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe and 2014 has been no exception.

This year my eye seems to be drawn towards deep, rich red, green and blue shades unlike last years pastel colours. This tulip style dress hits the mark perfectly. It's a gorgeous dark pink with a paisley imprint design which would be perfect for wearing in the office. The green peplum top could be another great work purchase but equally would look great on a night out paired with a leather pencil skirt and some killer heels.

Tailored jackets are a must for any girls winter wardrobe and  this one is beyond beautiful. It has a huge collar, delicate folding and the shape is unbelievably flattering for curves, I just wish it wasn't so expensive. At £329 it's definitely out of my price range but a girl can dream...

My absolute favourite from these picks though has to be the cute backpack. I've never owned a 'grown up' backpack before but this little beauty may just sway me! To me it is utter perfection, from the colour to the shape I love every detail. I may need to ask Santa for it this year!

What's on your autumn wishlist?

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Hair History

Eric and I were looking through some old photos this weekend and I was shocked at how much my hair has changed over the last 18-24  months. I've had all manner of cuts and my hair colours gone from red to blonde and back again. I thought it might be fun to share some of them with you all. I am aware this also highlights my obsession with selfies - oops!

Let's start with my full block fringe which I seriously adored! Lots of people didn't like this cut on me but I thought it was great. What I didn't love was my natural hair colour; plain old brown. I upped the anti by switching to a bold red and a new obsession was born. Red hair and I are definitely a match made in heaven. I found that I experimented a lot more with makeup and fashion with this look, I was more social and I was a lot more confident!

After a few months I realised as much as I loved my fringe I didn't want to have one on my wedding day. I also decided I wanted longer hair to give me more options with styling. The VERY slow progress of growing it out began. As you can see I went for the side sweep quite a lot. My hair colour changed too and lightened to a warm chestnut shade. As much as I loved the red it tended to fade quickly and involved a lot of upkeep.

Then my blonde phase started. I went from highlights throughout my hair to a full blown dip dye effect a la Zoella. The result was stunning and if I'm honest it's probably been my favourite ever hair style. My hair got really long as well, it's the first thing people said if they hadn't seen me in a while. I kept my hair like this for over a year (an age for me) but the damage to my tips from the bleach became too much.

Recently I switched things up and went for a dark brown shade. Hello brunette! I've had the length cut a little to get rid of all my dead ends too. My hair feels a lot healthier and has a lovely shine that I never saw with the blonde tones. With winter well and truly on the way I think this is the perfect shade for me. 

So there you have it, my whirlwind hair history over the last 2 years! Which style is your favourite?

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Work Wear for Hourglass Figures | Skinny Trousers

A few months ago I received a promotion in work to a senior management position (another reason I've been absent of late). There's been a lot of changes to deal with but one of the more difficult has been figuring out how my wardrobe should change in line with my new role. Finding clothes suitable for the office which fit and compliment my shape has been a lot more challenging than I thought. The lack of choice in the stores really surprised me so I thought a wee series on what types of work wear I found to suit my shape might be useful.

My number one problem with work wear has always been black trousers. A basic I know but I never find any that fit me properly. I always end up with bootcut styles that make me look short and a little chunky due to my 5'3 height. I was always of the opinion that skinny trousers and I just don't mix but I'm delighted to be proven wrong. 

Finding this pair from H&M has been a dream come true! They fit my waist, hips and bum perfectly. I usually have to go up a size to fit my hips and thighs which leaves excess material hanging loose around my waist. The material has a little stretch for added comfort and they seem to hold their shape well after numerous washes. A great all rounder!

If you're looking for some basic, good quality black trousers that don't cost the earth, I'd definitely recommend giving these a go.

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Getting my bake on with #Currysinthekitchen

I am a massive fan of baking, it's something I used to do every Sunday with my mum and sisters. I still remember the fun of mixing ingredients together, being amazed at what came out of the oven and of course fighting over who got to lick the cake mix off the spoon!
So when I was invited to attend a day of baking courtesy of Currys and Joe Blogs Network with a gaggle of fellow Scottish bloggers, I jumped at the chance. We spent the day with The Cookery School in Glasgow and chef Andy McArdle who demonstrated how to make scones, sponge cake, fairy cakes and chocolate chip muffins before sending us off to experiment. And experiment we did!

I was paired up in a team with Lauren, Laura and Gillian and together we got down and dirty in the kitchen - partly due to me throwing flour Jamie Oliver style and missing the entire table... oops! Disaster averted we got stuck into making our scones, cakes and muffins with one handed egg cracking, muscle building whisking and kneading like pros. I don't think I've ever laughed so much baking - one girly even had a phobia of touching butter.
My favourite part of the day apart from the obvious delight of eating cake constantly was decorating fairy cakes. I've always gone for a simple buttercream topping so I was delighted to try designs with melted chocolate and ganache. I even learnt how to fill my cakes using a tooth pick - a new essential for the kitchen. The final results looked rather impressive if I do say so myself, Mary Berry would have been proud.

We got to take home our bakes, well what we didn't munch on the day, and were given a bag of goodies including a great little recipe book and a Kenwood Kmix. I was feeling so inspired that I decided to have a go at making scones this weekend.

I opted for some savoury cheese scones (recipe to follow) and they came out a treat! I swear I'm turning into a culinary goddess...  One problem I did find was that I don't have all the kitchen tools you need to bake. My top tip is to be resourceful! I rolled out the dough with a bottle rather than a rolling pin, used an empty tin to cut my scones out instead of a cutter and  brushed the tops with egg wash using a balled up piece of kitchen paper. They still turned out great. I'm a firm believer that baking should be fun, don't get too hung up on the details!

Once again a massive thanks to Currys  and Joe Blogs Network for arranging such a great day. Who knows this time next year maybe I'll be on GBBO....

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