Workwear | Joules Jersey Dress

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Everyone knows how much I struggle to find a well fitting work dress. In my correct size they're always too tight at the hips and going up a size leads to the ever unsexy baggy waist look! It seems I've finally broken the curse with this Jersey dress from Joules. It hugs in all the right places and the fabric twist at the centre pulls in at my waist creating a great silhouette. 

It's also oh so comfortable! I've had it on for a full work day and it never once twisted or felt too tight. It also didn't crease which is a massive bonus as I spend long portions of my day staring at a computer screen. Jersey dresses are definitely on my wish list now thanks to this little beauty. It also happens to work perfectly with my new Michael Kors bag *squeee*.

With the weekend nearly over, Eric and I are out and about finalising loads of wedding details today. Starting to get uber excited now. Can you believe we're only got two weeks to go....
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Crafting Fun with Books and Birds

A few weekends ago I was invited to let my inner craft goddess out - and out she came! You might be surprised to hear that, but back in the day I was a cross stitch fiend. Anyone else spend the 90's making cross stitch Christmas cards?

I got to spend a rather lovely Sunday afternoon with my fellow Scottish bloggers in the eclectic styled Butterfly and Pig tearooms on Bath Street. We got to eat some rather spectacular cakes - a huge treat for me as I've been giving it a miss lately - and take on a few crafty challenges. 

Hosted by Joe Blogs Network and some lovely ladies from The Crafty Hen we got to try two craft tutorials using fabrics supplies by Hillary's blinds. Project number one was to produce a fabric cover for a notebook, which completely took me back to my school days with textbooks and leftover wallpaper! Arghh I'm so old...

I went for a gorgeous green fabric and added a few button embellishments using every craft lovers favourite tool - a glue gun. Officially the most fun I've ever had from a gadget and I must need new addition to the Hourglass household. Why I've never tried one before I don't know!

Project two was a stuffed bird. I thought this was going to be an easy but oh how wrong I was. I started out stitching the wrong thing but once that little blip was out of the way, my needle, thread and I got into a little rhythm and before I knew it my stitching was all done! Stuffing the bird was a whole other story, it exposed a multitude of stiching sins and there was some major repair work required. 

In the end I think I ended up with a little beauty and may even attempt to make some more and turn them into a mobile for my new niece or nephew! All in all an awesome afternoon celebrating all things crafty and girly. Massive thanks to Joe Blogs Network, Hillary's blinds and The Crafty Hen, I'm feeling inspired!

With March being International Craft Month I think it's the perfect time to let your inner craft goddess out to say hello. Why not give it a go?

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My super duper hen weekend!!!

A long overdue post on my hen weekend...

Can I start by saying hands down I have the best friends and family in the world, they're a fabulous, crazy bunch of absolute beauts and oh how I love them all so! I was completely spoilt and just had the loveliest weekend.

They had rented us some apartments in Edinburgh which were decorated to the max with beautiful personalised decorations, some embarrassing photos from my younger days and a stunning white dress. We played games, drank A LOT and I was surprised with some amazing gifts which had a personal reference between me and each person from a toy black bull, to some test tubes and even a pineapple... Such a lovely thoughtful gesture which meant so much to me, I honestly felt so special.

We also had lots of things to do outside the apartments. First up was Escape, which if you haven't done you simply must, it's so much fun. I was put into the Da Vinci room and we had to solve clues, puzzles and find keys etc to escape. Next up was a cocktail master class which was such a giggle I don't think I've ever laughed so much on a night out before, or had so many drinks in such a short time frame....

Then we had a lovely dinner followed by dancing and partying the night away. The Sunday was a somewhat quiet affair with some guys not even making it out and alcohol a definite no no! We did a little shopping and then had afternoon tea at the Waldorf - which I must say was the best afternoon tea I've ever had, there was so much cake! A perfect way to round up the dream weekend.

Such a lucky lady to have so many wonderful people in my life. Especially my three sisters and mum who delivered a hen weekend which was beyond my wildest imagination! So much love for those guys xx

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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I absolutely adore my mum. Even though I live 3 hours away she's one of my best friends and we're constantly on the phone or on Facetime catching up with our latest antics, shopping purchases and gossiping. Being far away means I don't get a chance to spoil her very often so Mother's Day is always a big deal to me.

I like to find quirky, unique gifts that let her know how special she is and thought it might be nice to share some of my favourite 2015 finds with you all. 

Number 1 | This poem perfectly sums up my relationship with my mum, it could have been written for us! I was the most horrendous teenager - as I'm sure many of you were - but she was always there for a hug and some good advice. I think this is a lovely way to say Thank You.

Number 2 | If pampering gifts are more your thing you really can't go wrong with Laura Mercier. This set contains my favourite product, the citron honey bath with the cutest little wooden honey spoon. It smells divine! Any mum would be delighted waking up to this on Mother's Day morning.

Number 3 | Claire Gent is a genius when it comes to jewellery and her cuffs are simply stunning. I love this summer hedgerow design it's so detailed! I own a few different designs and think they make perfect Mother's day gifts. Each one is hand dyed too, so no two are exactly alike.

Number 4 | Another jewellery option is this beautiful family tree necklace. You can personalise the text to make it extra special. Isn't that the loveliest idea? I would engrave it with my brother and sisters names on the front and have mum and dad's on the reverse.

Number 5 | This is actually my favourite 2015 gift! It's a personalised drawing of your family. You can pick shoes for each family member and their favourite colour. You can even add paw prints for a family pet! If Eric and I are ever lucky enough to have our own family this will definitely be making an appearance at my house.

Number 6 | Last but not least are these gorgeous handmade bath cupcakes. Aren't they stunning? If your mum is a bath lover I think these would go down a treat!

Whatever you decide to do on Mother's Day, make sure your mum knows how special she is x

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Time4Sleep | Ultimate Pamper Session

As I mentioned on Wednesday life has been ridiculously hectic lately and I haven't had a minute. My mind is constantly racing through a million things and I just can't seem to unwind. Even as I'm typing this, I'm thinking about ten different things I need to do at work tomorrow, the extra favours I need to buy for my uncle's partner who's now coming to Mexico, the pile of washing in the cupboard, the button that fell off my jacket, all the wedding bits and bobs, the list goes on and on and on....

Honestly all I want to do is sleep, hide away at home with Eric and forget the world. Not an option but a lovely idea!

Feeling at an all time low this week imagine my delight when I received this lovely box of goodies from Time4Sleep for their Detox Campaign - it really couldn't have come at a better time! The box was filled with all wonders of delights aimed at helping you relax and re-energise: face masks, caffeine free tea, a sleep mask, bath oil and a gorgeous candle. I can't tell you how much I smiled!

Last night after a particularly stressful day, I came home and decided to try a few things out. I went for the ultimate relaxing bath with candles, bubbles and my new detox bath oil. Throw in a good book and a clay face mask and I was one happy lady. The heady scent of geranium, juniper and rosemary from the oil mixing with the lavender and chamomile candle was simply heavenly and afterwards my skin felt silky smooth.

My face mask was lovely as well. I haven't used many clay masks before, sacrilege I know, but I was really impressed with how clear my pores looked and how tight my skin felt. The night ended with a lovely little neck and shoulder massage from Eric and a restful nights sleep with my sleep mask. That little beauty is definitely coming on my flight to Mexico!

All in all a wonderful way to spend a night in. It's the first time in weeks where I've felt like I could really breathe.

Massive thanks to Time4Sleep for helping me get back to the old me!

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Feb overload

Just a quick post to say I'm still alive and kicking guys! Between wedding planning, a photography course, a possible house move and some major work changes - all for the better - I took a little break from blogging in Feb. I just had far too much on! 

Hope that's ok, and I'll be back this week with some new posts for you all xx
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Honeymoon swimwear

With Mexico on the horizon I've been dreaming of warm, sunny weather, white sands and margaritas. I am definitely what you would call a beach girl; give me a sun lounger with a great book and I'm one happy lady. Now being such a lover of beaches, you would think I have a wardrobe full of beautiful swimwear, but how wrong you would be!

Trying to find pretty, well fitting swimwear is a nightmare. Most places don't stock bikini tops in my size and I really struggle to find bottoms that don't cut into my inner thighs. I can wear size 10 trousers but sometimes even size 14 bikini bottoms still cut me in the wrong place. Swimsuits can be even more of a challenge. And don't get me started on how tiny everything is, I mean is it really so difficult to buy swimwear that covers you up properly?

One of the only places I can get swimwear in my size is at Bravissimo. I already own a couple of their bikinis and a gorgeous red swimsuit that I reviewed last year. As it's my honeymoon I want some new pieces to wear and these 6 are on my current hit list. I mean aren't they just gorgeous - so colourful and fun!

I'll be honest these don't all come in my exact size, ah the joys of a 28 back, but I can get away with wearing a 30 without too many issues. All I need to do now is pick some, help!!!!

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Wedding Plans | 10 weeks and counting

Work has been so hectic lately that I've just realised we've hit the 10 week countdown to our wedding - Argghhhh!!!! I'm starting to get a little bit excited now, well a lot actually! We've spend months with very little to do as our wedding arrangements come as a package but now things are finally starting to happen and I'm loving it.

My dress arrived and I had my first fitting earlier this week. I think I fell in love with it all over again it's just so beautiful, I honestly felt like a million dollars. I can't wait to share it with you all. My sister Siobhan came down to visit and she got to see the entire look for the first time. She was such a little cutie and got super excited and smiley which really made my day. 

We also managed to pick out her bridesmaid dress and I absolutely adore it. I was quite relaxed about what she wore as long as it was a maxi and worked with our colour scheme - yes I finally picked one. She decided on this beautiful blush maxi dress from Jenny Packman. It has the most amazing floral detailing with mixes of sequins and suede and fits her figure to perfection. I think she's going to look unbelievable.

I have my jewellery, veil and shoes all organised too so things are finally falling into place. My jewellery was a gift from Eric and it works perfectly with my dress. Gosh I'm just so excited about everything, I'm actually smiling away to myself as I type this haha! The veil was my sister Sarah's and it's really special that I'm wearing it as she can't make the wedding. The reason..... she's pregnant!

Yes that's right, the big news I mentioned last week is that I'm going to be an auntie again - BEST NEWS EVER! I can't explain how happy this makes me, Sarah and Craig are going to be the most amazing, loving parents. I just wish they were coming to Mexico to celebrate with us all.

Looks like 2015 may be the best year yet xx

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Make up | New for 2015

I've no idea how this happened but I seem to have forgotten to post my annual 'What I got for Christmas' post?!?! I think I was distracted by some family news that I can share with you all later this week.

Anyhoo, here's some of the new makeup I got for Christmas...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation | I've wanted to try this foundation for an absolute age but just never took the plunge. It's been a hit with some of my favourite beauty bloggers so I expected amazing things. I've only used it a couple of times but I've been impressed with its coverage and durability. I'll give it another few weeks and then give my full thoughts but so far so good.

Loreal Nude Magique CC Cream | This was a stocking filler from mum and dad. Yes I do still get a stocking - for me Christmas isn't the same without one. I never bought into the whole BB, CC cream hype last year but I must say I absolutely love this product! The green pigment balances my rosacea perfectly and helps give me that flawless finish I crave. And don't worry once you blend it turns into a lovely nude shade like a typical foundation, not a Wicked character in sight!

Naked On the Run Palette | Isn't this some of the most beautiful packaging you've ever seen? My sister Siobhan knows me well, it was love at first sight when I ripped of the wrapping paper. The set contains 6 eyeshadows (1 acts as a highlighter too), blusher, bronzer, mascara, lipgloss and an eyeliner. For travelling it's the perfect palette as it really has everything you could want other than foundation. Again I'll put up a full review in a few weeks as I haven't used it as much as I'd like, it was just too pretty to play with at first! Sad but true....

Clinique Chubby Stick | I have several Chubby sticks but oh do I love them so. This is a mini stick which came as part of a Christmas set. It's a lovely deep raspberry shade called Plushest Punch. The colour is a lot bolder than I usually go for so I was surprised at how much I like it. Pink isn't normally me but this is just so vibrant and fun you can't help but smile when you wear it.

Do you have any new make up to share?

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